Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Goal recap continued

They wouldn't be goals if we didn't evaluate our progress would they?

Ok - weight goal of 140 - I think I have already let the cat out of the bag in letting you know what 2010 looks like, that not only did I not lose the 10 lbs intended for 2009, but picked up a few new/old ones as well. I am sorry to say the last month of the year was actually the worst (approx 6 lbs gained), when I was actually thinking about getting back on the band wagon. Too much thinking I would take care of it tomorrow I guess. Alright, well we are back on track and thinking clearly again, so enough about that.

Enjoying exercise. Ugh, will I ever become one of those people? I think there is hope, but it is a sliver of light at this point. I have worked out more than I ever thought I would in my lifetime, so I would say I am making slow progress in liking how exercise makes me feel. I still believe the key to this is to pick active activities to do with my family. That takes mental energy to think/plan, but is possible.

Nail biting, another fun one. So my latest research says that breaking a habit takes 21 - 32 days depending on who you ask. At this point I have gone about 14 days with only 2 nails taken down. I purchased new anti bite polish and carry it in my purse, so if I notice my hands in my mouth - which is the main issue - I can whip it on right away. This has helped a great deal more then, just saying I couldn't bite, but not being as worried about my hands being close to or in my mouth. Trust me this stuff tastes gross. My nails are not growing as fast because of winter maybe, and I think this is actually a help. I am working to keep them filed down as well.

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