Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26th, 2010 - status

I did it times 2!!!

First I did level 2 all the way through!! I didn't stop any exercise before she said I could. :) I still don't think I am doing the last set of abs correctly, but I still did it.

The 2nd is a little more silly, but just as fun for me. I got through the bubble balance game on the Wii. I have serious spent too much time in my life on this game, but it is good for the abs. Now I have unlocked the advanced level. What have I done?! LOL.

Did great with eating today. only treat was my sunchips with dinner. One of hte bloggers I read is doing the experiements from the Beck diet. Today's was to understand that hunger is not an emergancy. I kept that thought in my head all day. Even though I took a granola bar to TKD, I didn't eat it. progress.

Doing much better on my sleep this week. Still haven't lost any weight, but I feel better. Today at least.

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