Saturday, January 30, 2010

small steps

3 days at 162.5 and reporting 18 miles on the 100 mile challenge (which I have adapted to be more miles each week and at least 200 miles.
Went to the caps game last night. Ate tuna fish on crackers beforehand to avoid the arena dinners. Success there. I did have some of DH's popcorn, and 2 beers. Dh bought me another beer, but I decided I would forget about the money faster then the pounds. Had a rather emotional conversation with DH on the way home and after taking the babysitter home. It will most likely be the start of many. We had plans to go to a party tonight, but the snow is keeping us in. Less drinking and no hotel food should help me start the week off right. :)
Did level 2 and 3 of jillian with my ever helpful kids this morning. Since I didn't do anything Thursday and Friday, I won't start level 3 in earnest until Monday at the earliest, so this was just a preview.

So no huge leaps or bounds, but entering Feb much better then I entered Jan!

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Trish said...

Great job at meeting your goal for the week! 200 miles is absolutely do-able.

I'm such a putz. When I was updating the challenge sidebar I accidentally totaled in someone else's number for yours. Now I don't know what your total is! Will you drop me an email or comment or something letting me know what your total should be? I'm so sorry!!!

trishsreadingnook at gmail dot com

Also--I'd love to visit your weekly updates--if you leave your specific links on the progress reports it makes it easy for others (me me!!) to come cheer you on.