Monday, January 11, 2010

Nailbiting and next steps.

well, my workout schedule has taken a hit or two, but overall a positive change, that I need to work into my life permanently. Another change I talked about was nailbiting. I started again (maybe for the 120th time in my life - at least!) before Christmas with a new determination. So far I believe I have been on target for 21 days and I have had only 2 casualities. That is really good! I did find my hands being drawn into my mouth earlier today, but just pulled out my trusty icky tasting polish and put it right on. My hands still look a mess because of the dryness of the season and my cuticles, but at least the next time I go in for a manicure she will have something to work with! I wonder when you can declare a habit dropped? Is 30 days enough?

Been pondering the next victim in the list of bad habits - soda. That would be a financial AND diet benefit. I am going to let it simmer for a little bit. I know I need to go back to my can every other day like I was doing before. I fear I am addicted and HATE the withdrawal symptoms. Not a good reason to keep drinking it though! If only water was more exciting.

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