Saturday, January 16, 2010

I haven't had much to say have I? status

Well the Melting Pot was in a word YUMMY. I fully enjoyed the food, which is something I can't always say. I find I just eat because it is time to. I, of course, have control over breakfast and lunch, but dinner is always with the family, so happens by 6:30 no matter if I am hungry or not. I find I have loaded up during the day and eat more then I should because it is there. I am proud of myself today though. After such a treat last night, we had breakfast for dinner tonight. I didn't like the way the potatoes cooked, so I didn't eat them, even though they were on my plate. I also didn't eat the bacon I cooked up for the kids. Veggie omelet, and milk for me. Overall a good eating day. I should think so after last night!!

Workout: 30 minute elliplical and day 11, level 2 of 30 day shred. I have done level 2 before, but this is the first day I did it officially. Just like level 1, kicked my butt. I did more then I expected though. Played Wii with the kids, but not anything worth counting for exercise, just plain fun. We don't worry about the weight since we know last night was a bruiser. :)

What gets me is that I had all day pretty much to work out, but still waited until 4:45, which is when I work out during the week.

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