Thursday, January 21, 2010

I was right!

 I knew this week was going to be hard and I was right. I didn't figure out how to work out on Tuesday or Thursday, but did do the 30 day shred level 2 (day 3)and 20 minutes of elliptical on Wednesday. Will get back to it tomorrow, if we have a snow/sleet delay, I might even get it in early! Tonight I went out with friends to say good-bye to a friend moving to CA. Fun night, but bittersweet. We have been hanging out for about 3 years now, hard to believe.

I think I must have eaten 6,000 calories at Melting Pot because I am definately still fighting to get that back off. Ugh, such a set back. I am feeling fat and looked like I was poured into my clothes today - so not in a good way!

 I have given up on my no soda pledge for the moment. I still have all my 10 nails (yea!)and decided that my workout routine should be my next habit change to focus on. Don't want to take on too much and then fail. Speaking of taking on too much, I really need to cut back on my volunteering! So much going on.

Very much past my curfew, which has been out the window all week. I am sure the lack of sleep isn't helping anything!

Night, Night.

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